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Macon Pride's Courage 2 B Fabulous Awards

Recipients for 1998

  • Larry Pellegrini
  • Kacy Baughier
  • Johnny Fambro

    Recipients for 1999

  • Nick Oza
  • Jane Darby
  • Tangerine Summers

    Recipients for 2000

  • Cathy Dillard
  • Michael Leon

    Recipients for 2001

  • JJ Evors
  • Mary Ann Drake

  • Since the gay rights movement began there have been brave individuals in the middle Georgia community that have done remarkable things with their own lives that contributed significantly to our community's progress, whether they planned it that way or not.

    These people have demonstrated a courage to live openly and honestly and defy the odds against sometimes hostile opposition from the public over their sexual orientation or identities.

    We launched the awards at the first annual Macon Pride Festival by recognizing three solid icons in the LGBT community: Kacy Baughier, Johnny Fambro, and Larry Pellegrini. Their courage and principles set the examples of ideal role model leadership through which we all can grow, as LGBT individuals and as a community.

    Each year we reach further into the community to identify those with similar remarkable courage to stand up for what they believe is right. We are honored to publicly recognize these individuals at our festival, and are honored to present them with the Macon Pride Courage 2 B Fabulous award from the stage.

    The budget for this project is $300 annually. Please donate to the Macon Pride Courage 2 B Fabulous awards to keep this tradition in place in our community.

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