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Macon Pride, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Georgia
as a domestic non-profit organization, since 1999.

Happy New year everyone!
02 Jan 2004

I will be resigning as president of Macon Pride, Inc. effective January 31, 2004. Both myself and our treasurer, Jane Darby, have determined that the organization needs the solid commitment of new energy and ideas from our community in order to fulfill its established goals.

Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for the community to re-assess its needs and desires, and reshape the focus of its organization to best respond to those goals.

I am recommending that the organization Macon Pride, Inc. be dissolved so that further progress in our community can occur freely, without hindrance from the organization's pre-conceived notions of what is best for our future.

The real choice however is up to you in the community. If you determine that the organization should remain in place, you have the option of selecting new leadership in the form of a new president, treasurer, and secretary (currently vacant) by the end of this month.

If you determine that dissolving the organization would clear the path for our community to choose its own goals with a new vision in the best interest of our community, that is a choice only you can make. I will support either decision.

Thanks for everyone's support. Here's to the future of Macon's gay community.

Chris Coggins, president
Macon Pride, Inc.

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    • Fundraising Events:
    • LGBT Golf Tournament, May 18, 2003
    • We rely solely on your generosity to grow our local community. Please consider a Macon Pride membership, participate along the way as you're able, and donate to Macon Pride's community development projects. You can send a check for any amount, payable to "Macon Pride" to Macon Pride, PO Box 23121, Macon GA 31212-3121. Our community thanks you for your support. Use this checklist to direct your funds specifically.

Macon Pride volunteers in 1998 Atlanta Pride Parade!
Macon Pride volunteers in 1998 Atlanta Pride Parade!
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