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2003 Macon Pride Festival Extravaganza

October 1-5, 2003

Applications and all Fees Due: Sept. 15, 2003


Name               _________________________________________________________________________


Address            _________________________________________________________________________




Contact            _________________________________________________________________________



Phone              ________________________________        (other) _______________________________


Email                _________________________________________________________________________


Street Party Festival and Parade – Saturday, October 4, 2003 – Downtown Macon

Select your interest(s) below and mail to Macon Pride, Inc. PO Box 23121, Macon GA 31212


·        [         ]         Count on me! I want to participate as a Pride Fest VOLUNTEER! (Free)


·        [         ]         Set up another table! I want to show off my stuff as a Pride Fest VENDOR ($15)

(Note: No food/beverage sales will be permitted at Vendor tables)


·        [         ]         Name something after Me! I want to SPONSOR something in this Extravaganza!

Use Sponsorship form at

$100 minimum sponsorship


·        [         ]         Honk, Honk! Save a spot for us in the Macon Pride PARADE! ($10 per group)

Estimated number of people marching/riding in my group [ _____ ]


As a participant in this year’s Macon Pride Festival Extravaganza, I agree to abide by all laws and statutes applicable in Macon, Georgia on the date of the event(s). I release Macon Pride, Inc. and the city of Macon, Georgia of all liability in the event of damage, injury or loss of life, property, and/or merchandise as a result of my participation in or presence at the events comprising the 2003 Macon Pride Festival Extravaganza. Macon Pride, Inc. reserves the right to deny participation in the events of the Macon Pride Festival Extravaganza to any party for any reason that is deemed not to be in the best interest of Macon’s LGBT community or is considered contradictory to Macon Pride, Inc.’s stated goals.


Signature ___________________________________ Date _________________________


Amount paid with application: $ _____________________________


DEADLINE is September 15, 2003!

Complete and mail with full payment to Macon Pride, Inc. PO Box 23121, Macon GA 31212