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Macon Pride & LGBT Youth Development
updated 12-12-02

Video Presentation: It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School
Macon Pride presents the acclaimed educational video "It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School" to help parents and teachers understand the issues facing LGBT teens. The video provides examples of LGBT teen life in a school environment, and offers productive solutions to some of the issues that add to the complexity of being a teen in today's culture.

The presentation includes the videotape followed by a Q&A discussion, lasting a total of about 2 hours. It is targeted to adults in student supervisory roles. The presentation is free and open to the public, or can be condensed for living room presentation in the parents'/teachers' homes on request. Request a presentation for your classroom, family or group.

The next public presentation is scheduled for: [not scheduled]

Hole in the Wall Gang LGBT Youth Group
Macon Pride is proud to support the Hole in the Wall Gang LGBT Youth Group, an independent group of local LGBT teens. Current officers of the Hole in the Wall Gang are:

  • Leecie Smith, president, 747-9132 (cell phone)
  • Jessie Lord, secretary
  • David Rozier, treasurer

         - The Hole in the Wall Gang meets weekly at Macon Pride's Friday Night Social Club for leisure activities in a safe, drug-free environment. They also meet each Saturday afternoon in the basement of Colors on Cherry Gift Shop for group organizational matters.

    • Video Outreach Project
      Macon Pride is currently sponsoring a video outreach project for the Hole in the Wall Gang. The Gang is producing a video "commercial" for getting their message out to others. They are still in the storyboard phase of this project and are seeking teen volunteers for various creative aspects of this project.

      The finished commercial is scheduled to debut from the Macon Pride Community Booth in Central City Park during the 2003 Cherry Blossom Festival. Contact Macon Pride or Leecie for more information.

    Gay-Straight Alliances
    Macon Pride actively supports the development of Gay-Straight Alliance groups on high school campuses in middle Georgia. While the Bibb County Board of Education currently does not recognize such groups, we continue to try by seeking lgbt-supportive faculty and staff in the schools to help sponsor such a program.

    Contact us if you are on the faculty or staff of any Bibb Co high school and are interested in fostering an lgbt-friendly environment in your school. Email Macon Pride.