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Macon Pride's  Resources Directory
updated 02-15-03, click here for actual listings

Project Name: "Macon Has It All" Resource Directory

Current project chair: Lynne Shelley,

Project extensions: LGBT Customer Thank-You/Tip Cards

Annual Budget: $600 (Printing based on quarterly updates, Tip Cards, brochure distribution)

Participation: Open to all, general donations accepted from all

Description: Brochure promoting local LGBT-owned or friendly businesses and services to the lgbt community

Cost: Free listings, free distribution, free Tip Cards ($15 donations are requested from commercial businesses to help cover printing & distribution)

Are you a local business owner? Take our LGBT survey.
The Resource Directory is an ongoing project by Macon Pride which actively seeks to identify businesses and services in the area that welcome LGBT residents as customers, clients and friends.

The project was started as an attempt to link our community to the vital services that are available for us, such as other lgbt organizations, progressive churches, legal, medical and financial aid, and crisis counseling. It has evolved to include mainstream listings in response to the constant ageworn complaints that there is nothing to do in Macon, especially for gays and lesbians.

We recognize how common it is for local gays and lesbians to go to Atlanta or Savannah for shopping and entertainment based on the perception that they are not welcome or accepted in Macon's places of business. But times have changed dramatically, even in the last 5 years.

We know by experience that many businesses DO welcome our patronage, and we aim to share this information with the whole community so that the relationship between these businesses and the lgbt community contributes healthily to both our own culture and the economic stability of Macon.

Building on our new support from the Macon-Bibb County Convention & Visitors Bureau, and our participation in the Mayor's Diversity Committee, we expect to be able to promote hundreds of gay-friendly businesses to potential tourists stopping at the interstate rest stops just outside of Macon.

Our redesigned "Macon Has It All" Resource Directory will be placed in the tourist information literature panels inside these rest stops in an effort to encourage the LGBT travelers passing through Macon to actually stop and visit all the wonderful things about this friendly, beautiful, progressive southern city.

One of the subtle ways we encourage mainstream businesses to consider listing in our directory is to ask people in our community to leave a "Thank-You" card that tells the manager/owner that his business was just supported by local LGBT dollars. Once a business recognizes the impact our patronage has on their overall success, they're more eager to make us feel welcome in their establishments. The first step they can take that costs them very little if anything at all, is to list their business in our Resource Guide.

The printed directory is currently being redesigned & updated by Lynne Shelley. If you would like to receive one of these for your review, we'll send you one for free, email us to request a copy.

Current Listings in our new "Macon Has It All" Resource Guide

  • Touch of Magick new age gifts, books, jewelry & body piercing, 1722 Watson Blvd, WR, 478-929-3437

  • Colors on Cherry alternative & new age gifts & jewelry, 415 Cherry St, Macon, 478-745-7474

  • Golden Bough Vintage Books 371 Cotton Ave, Macon, 478-744-2446

  • The Lady Carpenter Licensed, insured independent contractor, Macon, 478-784-9925

  • Triangle Graphics total printing services, 344 Second St., Macon, 478-741-7300

  • Coldwell Banker Realtor Courtney A Thomas, 2449 Vineville Ave, Macon, 478-738-2275ext277

  • Georgia Legal Services 111 Third St., Macon, 478-751-6261

  • St. Francis Episcopal Church 432 Forest Hill Road, Macon, 478-477-4616

  • High Street Unitarian Universalist Church 1085 High Street, Macon, 478-741-1714

  • St. Barnabas Metropolitan Community Church Christian worship, Sunday evening services, 2020 Ingleside Ave, Macon 478-722-0057

  • Center for Children and Education helping students and parents to solve problems in Georgia public schools, 478-750-1007

  • Lambda AA Alcoholics support group, meets weekly, 478-736-0005

  • Central City AIDS Network Diversity House Project, Rainbow Center 2020 Ingleside Ave, Macon, 478-750-8080

  • Advanced Bodyworks Massage Healthcare, members AMTA, 4479 Forsyth Rd, Macon, 478-475-5512

  • Holliday Dental Associates Lindsay Holliday, DMD 360 Spring St, Macon, 478-746-5695

  • North Macon Internal Medicine Lesley Cown, MD 3951 Ridge Ave Ste C, 478-757-7878

  • North Macon Counseling Associates multi-disciplinary, comprehensive, outpatient mental health practice, 4149 Arkwright Rd Ste A, 478-405-6789

  • United Hospice 2484 Ingleside Ave, Bldg B, Macon, 478-745-9204

  • Health Resource Center public service of the Medical Center of Central Georgia, 877 Hemlock St, 478-663-1232

  • College Park Center David Drake, Jr., MA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist; Mary Ann Drake, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, 1549 Coleman Ave, Macon, 478-750-0918

  • PFLAG-Macon Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays, Macon chapter, 478-328-0497

  • Mercer Triangle Symposium Mercer University LGBT Campus organization, 1400 Coleman Ave, Box 70135, Macon, 31207, Rebecca Drummond (president)

  • Wesleyan GLOBAL Wesleyan College LGBT Campus organization