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Macon Pride Board of Directors, Officers, Memberships

Macon Pride, Inc. was founded by Michelle Hills and Chris Coggins on May 6, 1998. Maurice Cowan joined them in January of 1999 to be the third of seven proposed board members to set the direction and goals for and to oversee the operations of Macon Pride, Inc.

The Board of Directors for Macon Pride, Inc. is set up to have a total of seven local citizens representing different facets of our community. Three general community members shall serve alongside one member from each of four professions: Legal/Law Enforcement; Business; Health; Education.

Board members each serve one-year terms without salary or other compensation, and are eligible to serve consecutive terms based on officer & voting membership* body approval. Board members and Officers are nominated by anyone in the community, accepted upon officer review of nominee credentials, and are elected by the Macon Pride eligible voting membership* each year in the fall.

Current Board of Directors for Macon Pride, Inc are:

  • Chris Coggins, general
  • (6 seats not filled)

    Officers each serve one-year terms without salary or other compensation, and are eligible to serve consecutive terms based on voting membership* body approval. Officers are elected by the eligible voting membership* body on the first Monday of the month following the year's Macon Pride festival event.

    2003 Current Officers for Macon Pride, Inc are:

  • President - Chris Coggins
  • Secretary - Tamesha Finney
  • Treasurer - Cindy Arrington

    *Macon Pride Memberships for 2003:
    Note: Everyone in this community has a voice! Macon Pride Memberships are not required to participate in any community events, and are not required to have your voices heard! Simply let your opinions and ideas be known at the Macon Pride general meetings, and your ideas will be incorporated into Macon Pride's goals & projects.

    Membership for 2003 consists of a $35 donation** paid to Macon Pride, AND your attendance at any 6 Macon Pride general meetings throughout the year prior to scheduled Officer Elections meeting.

    Attendance is tracked by a Macon Pride card you will receive upon full payment of your membership donation. You will bring this card with you to each meeting you attend. Present this card to a current Macon Pride officer to have your meeting attendance validated. Once you have fulfilled this 6-meeting attendance requirement by having your card initialed and dated by a current Macon Pride officer at each meeting you attend, you must submit this completed card to Macon Pride to receive your certificate of membership. This certificate of membership qualifies you to cast one vote for each officer position at the annual Officer Elections meeting. The annual Officer Elections meeting is scheduled as the first Monday of the month following the year's city wide Pride Festival. The meeting attendance requirement is necessary to ensure member awareness of the structure & purpose of our organization and of our current/ongoing projects, which is necessary to maintain consistency with the vision and principles upon which Macon Pride was founded.

    **In lieu of payment of the $35 minimum donation, membership certification will be awarded to registered pre-members upon completion of meeting attendance requirement above, AND active participation in two community fundraiser events held during your eligibility period. Your fundraiser participation must be validated by a current Macon Pride officer in attendance at the same fundraiser, by having the attending officer initial and date your card in the appropriate slot.

    The $35 minimum membership donation is applied to the general fund for use as needed first for Macon Pride administrative costs, then for individual Macon Pride project & program budgets as needed. Budgets and funds disbursement inquiries are to be directed to the current Macon Pride treasurer, and are welcome at any Macon Pride general meeting at which the treasurer is present.